Facts about me

  • I'm a Libertarian Centrism Pacifist (which I oppose to war and want the two sides to make peace.
  • I like any types of food and drinks
  • I support Centrist Wing Beliefs
  • I oppose Left Wing Beliefs and Right Wing Beliefs especially Far Left Wing Beliefs, Social Justice Warrior Beliefs, Far Right Wing Beliefs and Alt Right Wing Beliefs.

My Countries That are part of the Dream Fiction Wiki universe

Former Samikotakioulese Colonies

Fictional Regimes of Real Countries, States, Territories and Regions


South Sulawesi


Samikiou Universe

My Countries

My El Kadsreian Islands countries

Other people's countries

Former Samikotakioulese Colonies

Countries that don't exist in Samikiou Universe

Countries that I don't know if it should be in the Samikiou Universe or not?


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