• I live in I was born in USA, and then moved to South Korea, and later, I moved to United Kingdom nowadays.
  • I was born on October 29
  • I am Male.

REMINDER: Not to be confused with Twitter account with a same name, I only operate DeviantArt and FANDOM.

Fictional countries that I made.


Main article: The Opposite Timeline

DFW countries

My country


  • El Kadsre (this is the country, were I dreaming it).
  • Book (that was hilarious name)
  • Norse (Adopted page)
  • Windows City
  • Vyondland (Grounded videos were horrible, Vyond!)
  • SF08land
  • Goiky (please use humans more than objects, please.)
  • Swen (Swear Korea is dumb name to use).
  • Kuboia
  • all countries in the Kadersaryinan Islands.

PB/FH countries

  • Republic of Bio (The problem is that, you can't create object as an robot to invade/destroy California, but the rest of it's okay, it's also more better than Goiky, BTW.)
  • Cudreonia
  • Redbank
  • Xescoyburg (Almost looks like an European map and the flag reminds me of Adult Swim logo).

DLW countries

  • Neverland

FNW countries

Other countries

  • Ruritania
  • Grand Fenwick
  • Freedonia
  • Genosha
  • Kasnia
  • Corto Maltese
  • Gondor
  • Arnor

The countries that does not exist of my universe

  • Rest of the MLGBoris2011's country (Reason: Your too underage to get on FANDOM)
  • Chebbycraft34 countries (Reason: Your too underage to get on FANDOM, also stop making sockpuppet accounts).
  • TBA







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