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The Rowdyruff Murders is a 2003 American-Skogtranish-El Kadsreian-Swedish black comedy crime series directed by Josh Markamá and written by Jenny Joshson screenplay by Amrit Stacey Freeland.

The film was first announced in 2000 by Viasat Studios, the production studio of The Powerpuff Girls creator Josh Markamá. Various actors, including Cameron Diaz, Katherine Heigl, and Jamie Foxx, were approached to star before Steven Yuen, Rick Jones, Matthew Fredrick, Dan Castellaneta, Bill Barretta, Brock Baker, Harold J. Paxton, Lisa Norton, Daran Norris, Jamie Adenuga, Daniel Middleton, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, and Jake T. Austin.


Development and production

Ending Credits

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Broadcast and release


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Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 320 April 7, 2003 February 21, 2004
2 315 February 21, 2004 January 1, 2005
3 396 1 January, 2005 1 February, 2005
4 334 1 February, 2005 1 January 2007
5 366 1 January 2007 2 January 2008
6 399 2 January 2008 4 February, 2009
7 401 4 February, 2009 12 March, 2010
8 370 12 March, 2010 17 March, 2011
9 336 17 March, 2011 17 March, 2012
10 380 17 March, 2012 1 April, 2013
11 400 1 April, 2013 6 May, 2014
12 391 6 May, 2014 1 June, 2015
13 377 1 June, 2015 12 June, 2016
14 395 12 June, 2016 12 July, 2017
15 243 12 July, 2017 12 March, 2018
16 354 12 March, 2018 1 March, 2019

International broadcast

Country TV Channels
YinYangia Adult Swim
Northern Europe Viasat Action (2003-2005)

Viasat Crime (2005-2013)

Viasat Film Drama (2013-2015)

Viasat Series (2015-present)

Viasat Kaideoscope (Jan 24, 2019-)

El Kadsre El TV Kadsre 3
United States Starz (2008-present)
Canada Comedy Central
United Kingdom Bravo (2003-2011)

BBC Two (2011-present)

France France 2 (2003-present)
Brazil Reveal (2003-present)
Eastern Europe TV1000 (2003-present)
Hungary Viasat 3 (2009-present)
Popstaria Channel 4
Russia MTV (2003-2007)

Channel One (2007-present)

Japan Cartoon Network (2004-present)
Countries from Africa CNN (2010-present)
Robloxia Cartoon Network (2005-present)
Noobian Union CNN (2004-present)
Skogtranemo SWT1 (2003-present)
Barokia 2channel (2010-present)
Minecraftia Minecraftia Broadcasting Network (2004-present)

Home Media

In August 2013, BBC iPlayer made every episode on the show permanently available to stream in the UK, as part of a multi-year contract with Viasat Series (AKA Viasat Crime) and the BBC. When a new episode of the show airs on BBC Two, it will be immediately available to watch.

In July 2014, it was announced that Hulu had signed a three-year deal purchasing exclusive online streaming rights to The Rowdyruff Murders for a reported 80 million dollars. Following the announcement every episode remained available for free on the A Prince Bih's Company (AKA A Codename 7000 Studios) website, using the Hulu player. As of September 2014, following the premiere of the eleventh season, only 30 select episodes are featured for free viewing at a time on a rationing basis on the website, with new episodes being available for an entire month starting the day following their original airings. The entire series will be available for viewing on Hulu Plus.


Series Overview

The Rowdyruff Murders follows the present-day In a world where humans, but are reviled by humans and considered inferior, Butch (The Rowdyruff Murders) is a The Rowdyruff Boys Team who lives in Los Angeles, and was the first rowdyruff boys cop on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) before being fired.

Story Arcs

Family-Friendly (Season 1-2)

Beginning (Season 2-5)

Starting to Killing All Characters (Season 5-12)

Childhood Ruined (Season 12-14)

The Mature Age (Season 14-16)

The New Age (Season 17)

Home Media

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In July 2017, it was announced that The Rowdyruff Murders would continue through season 17 in 2019. Amrit and Josh have expressed interest in continuing the series until Viasat Series cancels it.

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Characters and voice actors

The list English version voice actors of The Rowdyruff Murders

  • Steven Yuen as Butch
  • Rick Jones as Boomer
  • Matthew Fredrick as Brick
  • Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson
  • Bill Barretta as Phil Philips
  • Brock Baker as USAball
  • Keith Silverstein as Harold J. Paxton
  • Lisa Norton as Lucy Powell, Skipper, and Tweak Tweak
  • Daran Norris as Chinaball and Shinnok
  • Jamie Adenuga as Principal Steinbeck
  • Daniel Middleton as Jerome "Chef" Garcia
  • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg as Baldi
  • Jake T. Austin as Bluz

Chronicles from Bmencaster

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Title Directed by Written by Release date (Netfilx)
Airfield: The Movie Josh Markáma Paul Rudish 2 November 2010
Dark of Duty: Black Ops Paul Rudish Josh Markáma 9 November 2010
The Cutepuff Party Josh Markáma Paul Rudish 2 March 2012
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