The User Wars conflict was conflict battle between Duc Nguyen, Timebomb192potato, Amiel Estoy Peña, ChubbyCroeya371/Zonnie The Runner, Esaïe Gregory Prickett, Susumu Takajima and Ootwar that started on April 22, 2019.


It started when ChubbyCroeya371 (now Zonnie The Runner) uploaded censored NSFW images on Dream Fiction Wiki, users telling about and voting the moving Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis to Miraheze and later told users to leave him alone. On June 15/16, 2019, Esaïe did an edit warring with Timebomb192potato on the International Quality Foods because Esaïe loved overadding stuff to the page while Timebomb got irritated. On July 25, 2019, the conflict ended as of the Zonnie drama on Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis Discord server.

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