As you all know, Driller recently announced his departure from the wiki. As such, his pages have entered limbo; the most notorious of which being Minecraftia (country), one of the most famous countries on this wiki. I'm pretty sure no one else has said this, so I will say it:

I'm adopting Minecraftia.

Now, there will be a load of changes to the country. First of all, the flag will be updated. The current flag is a bit bland, so I decided to make a new one. I already made it in, and it's ready for upload, so the first thing I'll do is replace the old Minecrafita flag. Second of all, I will purge Minecraftia of all things related to Drillimation, since CoolGamer23 left the wiki. This will mean major changes to a lot of pages. Some of the Touhou stuff will be kept in, but the Drillimation Series and Lucky Star things will be removed. This will include Queen Konata being renamed, alongside other renamings. So, that's all.

After I publish this, I will make my first edits to Minecraftia. See ya!

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