Corrention: Adpot is Adopt, thanks MEMZ (I mean Nintendon't) to figure me out.

  • Rastvania (Zonnie's country) (possibly, because AmazingTLM adopted Zonnie's country, which named as Herzoland and EsaïeGregoryPrickett adopt some of Zonnie's countries)
  • All of Random Levi Movies' countries (including Republic of Guy and Franoreaimate) (since RLM is retired) (sorry for apologized for I cannot adopt Republic of Guy, due to it overlaps some countries, so I ceded ownership of ROG to JBWikiaRises, Thesmartestboyever10 and EinsteinBionsang2004)
  • all of GarfieldFan (Paws)'s countries (including Harris and Oola) (since GarfieldFan (Paws) is retired and disabled) (results: Harris will stay on DFW while Oola and Arsterland will move to Wikifiction)
  • two of CooperAndMacusoper's countries (Bridan and Erwica) (since CooperandMacusoper is AF.... I mean inactive)
  • Vustrela (Zonnie's country) (Nevermind!)
  • Island of Sally (REASON: its original creator (Wikiatastic) has been banned indefinitely.)

Striked means succeed.

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