in Philippines, some channels (e.g. Poplife TV, BEAM, One Sports and CNN Philippines) went off air during quarantine

in everywhere, live action TV productions halts

What will happend about television industries in my fictional countries during COVID-19 pandemic.


Total cases: 3,922
Deaths: 0
Recovered: 3,917 (due to experimental cure)

Normal as usual but News channels (like GBC News, RT Gau and CNN Gau) often focused to COVID-19 updates.

unlike rest of the world, Gauese live action TV production stills on, despite COVID-19 risk.


Total cases: 399
Deaths: 13
Recovered: 91 (mostly infected Disney Crenisa workers)

Live action TV productions stopped

all Disney Crenisa channels temporary off-air from March 23-29, after a worker who tested positive for COVID-19 goes to operation room of Disney Crenisa channels, similar to CNN Philippines


Total cases: 243,817
Recovered: 9,000

Tasanala 5 off-air

CBN also off air from March 20, 2020


Total cases: 2,019
Deaths: 26 (1 later revived)
Recovered: 731

Hildi funeral was aired on all channels and all cable channels (except Kids channels) on February 8 at 12pm

TV goes 1950s esque style from February 8-February 16, 2020.


Total cases: 23,813
Deaths: 679
Recovered: 4,913

All TV News hosts in all Yuru-charaian newscasts wears face masks over their Yuru-chara costume, covering their mouths.

YCTV off-air


Total cases: 46
Deaths: 0
Recovered: 42

Normal as usual for now, if COVID-19 positive cases rises in Zoytex, there will be lockdown.

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