WARNING: Restaurant Militia (also known as "Danny's Restaurant") is non-canon to DFW universes

watch this video by EAS Australia:

Make a warning/emergency message about the Danny's Restaurant (restaurant militia) and then you're done.


  1. No stupid warnings/emergency messages such as "HEY GUYS, LET'S GO TO DANNY'S!"
  2. You cannot pick more than 1 channel.


Gau (TV Channel: Fox)


EMERGENCY! 緊急! (10X)

Emergency Warning

The army sent us the message, the American groups, which belived to be Danny's Restaurant are attacking Skoyoto, Jyoto, Nokkaido and 6 other prefectures, Seek shelter immediately, if you are in 9 affected prefectures, do not go outside until the attack is over, Death toll is unknown, Fox and all of Gauese TV channels, including GBC1, GBC2, Home Television, TV Skoyoto and Channel 36 may get attacked, listen to 678khz in your AM radio, Fox is ceased until the attack is ov-

After nuclear attack

This is Fox, broadcasting from Nokkaido, TV channels are backed up, we will broadcast message from President from USA.

That was message from President from USA, we will continue the regular program, except Reiben as communications are unstable, Stand by for further updates in TV and Radio.


  • Gauese TV channels are attacked might be reference to UK EBS.
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