Netflix signs deal with WarnerMedia's HBO Max to transforms its Scratchian platform, dedicated Netflix Scratchia apps will have all of Netflix and HBO Max features (like Mobile Previews (Netflix) and Brand selection (HBO Max)), for past years, Netflix Scratchia has been adding local films and shows (like Selfie with Friends, SKAM: Scratchia, Ninja Zentai OCs, Masked and Mysterious Criminal, Sakura's First Movie, Crazed Cat and a Scratchian version of Miracle in Cell No. 7), premiered its first Scratchian original title, "When Time Passes By", the transformation will begin on June 1, with Red color scheme dropping in favor of HBO Max color scheme (Pink-Cyan), causing popularity of #CyanPinkistheNewRed, this was first announced on May 1, June 1-June 7 will be The Week of So Much More in Scratchia (a.k.a. Netflix Scratchia rebrand week).

The last titles to be added on Netflix Scratchia before transformation will be May 2020 titles (like White Lines, SSSS.GRIDMAN, Twirlywoos, Selling Sunset (Season 2), Super Why, Ejen Ali: The Movie, Go Astro Boy Go!, Strangers from Hell, Space Force, Hollywood and Rampage)

in Scratchia, all Max Originals titles (such as Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Looney Tunes Cartoons and more) will be on Netflix Scratchia on June 1, under Netflix Original branding, starting with first Max Originals titles.

WarnerMedia-owned titles (including Cartoon Network, HBO Asia contents (incl. Red by HBO contents), Warner Bros and Cinemax originals) will be available on Netflix Scratchia starting June 1, however existing and upcoming Netflix originals (like Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Fuller House, Eurovision Song Content: The Story of Fire Saga, Meteor Garden (2018), Dark, A Whisker Away, Johnny Test, JU-ON: Origins and Sense8) will go ahead along with most existing and coming licensed titles (like PBS's NOVA collection (to refresh every July 1), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ejen Ali, Strangers from Hell, most K-Dramas that are available on Netflix and of course Bollywood/Indian movies (like World Famous Lover, Ungli, Kabir Singh and more) for some reason) will also stay and go ahead, Scratchia is also one of 6 Southeast Asian countries that has LDK (Japanese movie) through Netflix (with Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Laindgary).

The Reddish legacy app will be still available to view until 2022, legacy app will no longer update and available to new users on App Store and Google Play, TV app will be also impacted, Xbox 360 and PS3 Netflix apps will be not update to HBO Max-esque update, this note only applies to Scratchia.

In addional, most films and shows that are available on specified Southeast Asian countries (such as Malaysia (with Brunei, Singapore and Qualicia), Philippines (with Ivatania, Taugaran and Ringia), Vietnam (with Cao Hoi) and Indonesia) but not available in other than these (mostly Southeast Asian titles) shall be available on Netflix Scratchia starting May 22 to attract overseas Southeast Asians in Scratchia as announced by Netflix Scratchia's FB page post that is posted on May 8, 2020 (with #SoutheastAsiansPride), these titles includes Nur, Heart Attack, Coming Soon (Thai Horror movie), Never Not Love You, Cicak-Man trilogy, Bitcoin Heist, Unforgettable, #Modus, The Graveyard Story and Evo Polis, as of May 17, these titles can be seen on Latest section on Netflix website and TV app and Coming Soon/Extras section on Netflix iOS/Android app with tag "Coming May 22" ("Coming Friday" from May 16-21), on same day (May 22), the event called "SEA Fest Scratchia 2020" occured, with Zoom video.

In another addional, as announced on May 16, 2020, Netflix Scratchia signed multi-year deal with Aniplus to add/readd new and returning animes that aired on Aniplus (including School-Live!, Pop Team Epic, Uta No Prince Sama: Maji Love 100%, Fire Force, Tsuru and Persona 5: The Animation) on June 1, with renewing existing animes that aired on Aniplus (like Darling in the Franxx, Stein.Gate, Tsurudure Children, Erased and The Rising of the Sheild Hero) indefinitely until deal is expired, much like WarnerMedia-owned brands (like Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network Library, WarnerTV Library, HBO, Scooby-Doo! and CNN Original Series Library) and some other brands (such as Studio Ghibli, Sesame Workshop, Netflix Originals (which replaces "Max Originals" branding) and more), Netflix Scratchia's Netflix Hubs (Scratchian version of Max Hubs) also have "Aniplus Library" that is full of animes that aired on Aniplus.

on May 17, 2020, BBC pulled its partnership from Prime Video Scratchia to sign deal with Netflix Scratchia, starting June 1, all BBC content will be available on Netflix, these content includes Doctor Who, The Next Step, The Office (UK), BBC Earth content, CBeebies content and more, some of BBC content (like Girl/Haji (Netflix Original), Peaky Blinders (Netflix Original), Still Game, Go Jetters, Hey Duggee, Twirlywoos (via Wildbrain, through Ragdoll Entertainment, a JV of BBC and Wildbrain) and Nadiya's Time to Eat (Netflix Original)) are already available on Netflix Scratchia, the BBC hubs on Netflix Scratchia will be "BBC", "BBC Earth Library", "CBeebies Library" and "BBC First".

  • as announced on May 23 by Netflix Scratchia's twitter accounts, Alphablocks and Numberblocks will be coming to Netflix on May 25 in some regions (including Scratchia) (confirmed not available on UK, Tasanala (as WarnerMedia took rights), France and Latin America), along with text "we are bringing the most famous Numberblocks along with Alphablocks to Netflix, we will special thanks to older Learningblocks fans like you", however Numberblocks will peak No 2 on May 26, with Snowpiercer to peak No 1.

Other titles to come to Netflix Scratchia on June 1: Keeping Up With Kardashians, Big City Greens (for some reason), My Shy Boss, BoBoiBoy The Movie 2 and more.

on other hand, when a Netflix worker in Scratchia found out Danganronpa: The Animation has expired on Netflix in Scratchia last May 1, Netflix Scratchia hoping to renew/readd Danganronpa: The Animation before huge update, SBC (owner of free-to-air channel that airs that show, SBC3) gave 4 year streaming rights of Dangaronpa: The Animation to Netflix Scratchia as announced on May 13, that means on Netflix Scratchia's social media channels uploaded a video about "Dangaronpa is coming back after days", announced recoming date, May 29 in Scratchia, TBA in rest of Southeast Asia and India.

Earlier, on May 1, 2020, when Boys Over Flowers expired on Netflix Scratchia, many K-Drama fans (aprox 400,000 fans) in Scratchia defies Lockdown rules to go outside and protest about Netflix needs to renew Boys Over Flowers, which causes Scratchian peoples and OCs to hear a people shouting "BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!!!" even hearing in their home, this protest leads to 52,817 (45,813 of them are K-Dramas fans/protestors) new infections of COVID-19 for last 14 days as of May 15, surpassing Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore's total cases, which cause Scratchia to be Southeast Asian epicenter, Netflix speaks out with May 2 statement "this expiration of beloved Boys Over Flowers leads to protest in Scratchia that will lead to thousands of new cases, and we are working to renew Boys Over Flower along with working to make huge update posible on June 1".

some Americans (mostly uses streaming services) thinks in Scratchia, WarnerMedia is not going to hit Netflix, instead they possessed Netflix (much like Ecolo possesing Arle as Dark Arle in Puyo Puyo 7), so Netflix Scratchia update confusion (along with Dark Arle) to be meme like Ronaldinho Soccer, Knuckles Approves Meme, We Are Number One (dead meme) and Sirenhead.

in other news, Streaming services in Scratchia is getting weirder on same day, with these:

  • on June 1, Scratchian-made streaming service, WTCH to sign deal with NBCUniversal's Peacock to become Peacock WTCH (working title), the name change will only affected in Scratchia, not USA.
  • on May 18, Amazon Prime Video Scratchia to sign deal with ViacomCBS's to be rebranded CBS All Access, much like Netflix, the "Prime Video" name will stay but with loads of new features, also all BBC content (that are available on Prime Video Scratchia) (like BBC Earth content, CBeebies content, BBC Dramas content and more) will leave Prime Video Scratchia for Netflix Scratchia on June 1, 2020, the huge update will apply when CBS All Access was rebranded, the deal will only impact Scratchia.
  • iflix Scratchia to sign deal with Disney+ to become Disney+ iflix, the combined streaming service will have all contents and features from iflix Scratchia and Disney+ (Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic), the channel (to replace Disney Channel and Disney XD, both of which will close on same day) will be named as "Disney+ iflix The Channel" instead of "Disney+ The Channel", much like Netflix, international iflix app will put on legacy mode (only impacted in Scratchia) until June 2024, while Disney+ app will be updated to Disney+ iflix app, this change will occure on June 1 and only will impact Scratchia.
    • as a iflix Scratchia lawyer dont like Big City Greens over a farmer family in big city story, Big City Greens will be the first big Disney Channel show to leave Disney+ iflix (then Disney+ Scratchia) on June 1, at same day, Big City Greens to move to Netflix, as Disney Channel shuts down in Scratchia, Season 3 of Big City Greens will be Netflix Original in Scratchia.
  • The streaming services that are not affected by weird change: SBC Play, Apple TV+, BBC Player (except shutting down in Scratchia on late 2020 for Netflix), ABC iView Australia, Hulu Scratchia, HOOQ (except shutted down on May 1), TFC Online and TVCat Now.

Is Scratchia getting weirder? more news is coming soon.

post-June 1

  • It went extremely well in Scratchia but still controversial in some nations (e.g. US, Tasanala and South Africa)
  • Netflix Scratchia went meme arround the world
  • Disney+ iflix is in talks to merge with Netflix Scratchia to be biggest success streaming service in Scratchia, however it's still pending
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