Just rants I wanna make about the trends on this wiki.


I'm not telling you to die if you like these things. I just personally don't like these things.


Thing(s) My nicknames Rant
Battle for Dream Island and Goiky Object Bulls**t
Object Fetish
Battle for Dream Island, which was originally just a YouTube series by Jacknjellify about anthropomorphic, inanimate objects fighting each other, has led to a bunch of clones called "object shows". I watched most of the first season, and I don't understand why YouTubers love it so much. The writing is just trash. Also, the voice acting is horrible — especially for the fire character. Also, I hate the fact that people call it a "reality show". Yeah, because in real life, anthropomorphic objects have competed against each other. In addition, Jacknjellify is the penultimate worst YT channel I've ever watched. Plus, Goiky-related pages on this site are just boring to look at.
GoAnimate Adobe Animate 0.2
Adobe Flash 0.2
Flash 0.2
GoAnimate videos are poorly edited bull. Seriously, they're just Caillou getting grounded because adult Rosie has crappy crying sounds. The faces look like Fox cartoon rejects, the writing is garbage, and the themes are extremely suggestive for no fricking reason.
Greeny Phatom and related media Antf**ks
MS Paint Show
S**tty Phantom
White Ghostly S**t (Geo World)
I just can't stand this stupid Movie Maker crap. Hell, it's my least favorite web series. The art is so hard for me to look at, the whole "sippy sippy sippy day" thing gets on my nerves, the reliance on logos for humor annoys me, the editing is horrible, and it frequently contains copyright infringement. I don't think it helps that it's all over this wiki.
Polandball rip-offs Fake Polandballs Polandball comics are meh in my opinion. Some of them just lack flavor. But all this Companyballs/Countryhumans crap is just irritating. Seriously, stop.
YouTube rip-offs FakeTubes Just stop. YouTube is YouTube. No replacements or websites more popular.

I'm sure I missed many of them.

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