Hello, I am ITVdude2000. I am a Rollback user on this wiki. It means I can revert all edits a user makes on an article, provided it is the current revision.

I have had a word with the other Rollback users, EsaïeGregoryPrickett and The Supreme Huntington Master, and we agreed that there should be a vote to determine who should be the next Moderator, as there is a vacant spot.

Moderators have the ability to delete and protect pages, highlight and delete forum boards, and mute users from chat.

A few rules to consider

  • Please vote for who you think benefits from the Moderator tools the most, and who you think will be the most responsible. Not just the user you like the most.
  • Please do not fix it so a certain user is rigged to win. All three of us should have an equally fair chance.
  • To make this fair, I think we should have a rule where Esaïe, Supreme and I can vote, but we cannot vote for ourselves.
    • EDIT: Welp. Looks like everybody voted for themselves. (I did just to keep track of the scores.) So just take a point off of all of us when tallying up the scores.
  • If you accidentally voted in a way you didn't mean to, tell us in this blog's comments, and we will take it into consideration when tallying up the votes.
  • It should also be noted that this is not exactly official since only us three Rollbacks agreed with it, and a crat may not like the sound of this.
  • I don't have a fixed deadline for this. Maybe after a few days pass we can see what the Bureaucrats have to say.

Cast your votes here


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