YinYangia, despite recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, officially rejected the US MidEast Plan. James K. Andrea, the president of YinYangia, officially stated that East Jerusalem at least should be placed as the capital of the future independent Palestinian state.

He states that "The plan could've been successful if Trump and Netanyahu used the pre-1967 borders, and also, the illegal Israeli settlements in West Bank shall be removed, and it could've been better if Jerusalem would be the capital of two states. West Jerusalem shall be granted to Israel, meanwhile the East should be part of Palestine, even including the Old City and the Muslim Quarter."

YinYangia officially withdrew the claim of Gaza Strip and started to recognize Palestine as an independent country.

James stated that the official reason of claiming Gaza is actually the fact that it was were the first Gawudzans were actually found, who were actually some Chinese people who fled to Palestine's Eastern part by boat. After the creation of Christianity, the Gawudzan Chinese were expelled to an island where it is inhabited by Tottomics.

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