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    Recently, I've asked Ootwar if I should create a page about DFW events based on reality

    The text of the page will be like this when it has strong refferences to reality.

    The text of the page will be like this when it has regular refferences to reality.

    The text of the page will be like this when it has weak refferences to reality.

    The text of the page will be like this when it is a consequence to an event.

    Here is an sneak peak of my page (Note, it will not be exactly like that)

    1870: France becomes a republic

    1874: The republican moviment in Europe starts to grow

    1877: Some riots starts to happen on Germany to the monarchy become a republic

    1878: A civil war starts in Germany and Austria Hungary

    1880: The monarchists win, but the moviment is still stro…

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  • Luciano Existe

    Well, if you don't remember, I was blocked on this wiki for "sockpuppeting and voter fraud" (when I didn't, and it's still a mistery who did that in reality but I think they were bots) and all related to this page, even though there is nothing wrong with it

    Recently, Ootwar confirmed that things based on reality can exist here unless if they cause a paradox (Paradox example, if WW1 never happened, other things like the Great depression, Communism, WW2, Holocaust, Holodomor, Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, Nazism, Cold War, NATO, Warsaw Pact, UE, etc. Would be never a thing, also, a WW1 would happen anyways because of the start of Fascism in Italy and Japan) and why should these things exist? Well, for the same reason fictional countries exi…

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  • Luciano Existe

    1. This wiki allows things based in reality (Like, Mato Grosso do Norte is based on reality)

    2. Quebec wanted to be free and so it is allowed to exist in DFW

    3. Keep in mind that DFW is fictional, so making a territory become free will not change reality (Altrough I admit it looks weird) no matter of how many people think it is not (Search "Mandela Effect" for understanding more)

    4. It would make more sense because Canada was fully colonized by the UK, except for Quebec, which was colonized by France

    5. I'm thinking on creating some pages related to it soon

    6. I have the rights of considering certain countries I did canon or not (Like, if I want to make Victoria non-canon, I can)

    7. Some things in real life can be used for DFW too

    I hope you guys…

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  • Luciano Existe


    2020 março 28 de Luciano Existe

    I reached 1,000 edits!

    Take that, IEP Fanon!

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  • Luciano Existe

    RH Crianças

    2020 março 17 de Luciano Existe

    I'm building RH Crianças, here is the (incomplete) programming

    7:30 P,M&J Lontra

    7:45 Mini Einsteins

    8:00 Rua Dálmatas 101

    8:15 Doki

    8:45 P,M&J Lontra

    9:00 Peixonauta

    9:15 O Show Da Luna

    9:30 A Nova Escola do Imperador

    9:45 Patrulha Canina

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