• Luciano Existe


    March 28, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    I reached 1,000 edits!

    Take that, IEP Fanon!

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  • Luciano Existe

    RH Crianças

    March 17, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    I'm building RH Crianças, here is the (incomplete) programming

    7:30 P,M&J Lontra

    7:45 Mini Einsteins

    8:00 Rua Dálmatas 101

    8:15 Doki

    8:45 P,M&J Lontra

    9:00 Peixonauta

    9:15 O Show Da Luna

    9:30 A Nova Escola do Imperador

    9:45 Patrulha Canina

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  • Luciano Existe

    Quebec is an actual country in this universe

    To be honest, I'm planning to do the following countries too:





    Standard Korea

    BONUS: Mato Grosso Do Norte

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  • Luciano Existe

    Today Is My Birthday

    February 29, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    I'm making 16 and 4 years today

    (If you didn't get it, remember, today is 2/29)

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  • Luciano Existe

    A new era

    February 11, 2020 by Luciano Existe


    What if I'm starting a new era?

    Yeah, this era is based on these four elements


    Queen (Fast Food)

    Roman Islands

    Toon Toon

    Victoria finally got recognized as a good page, as being awarded as a featured page in February 2020! I love you'll guys!

    I'm going to evolute Victoria so much not just in I.E.P. Fanon,but here in Dream Fiction, Dream Logos and even Dream Incubator

    I was playing Papa's Cheeseria with Lúcia (My adoptive older sister) and Lucas (My younger brother) and I thinked on creating a page here on DFW, it will be the center of my acts on this wiki, I even created a wiki of it!

    I started to have Spanish (and French) classes at my school yesterday (I'm currently on High 1st Grade) and I thinked on creating a country that speaked a…

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