• Luciano Existe

    Never Forget August 8

    September 9, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    The Great Dream Purge (a.k.a Dream Holocaust) happened one month ago, the wiki has already recovered but mistakes like that can't be forgotten so the same error don't happen twice

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  • Luciano Existe

    Well, I will loss my Bureaucrat tommorow because of an election and I feel pretty sorry to myself for it, if I could be remembered as a crat only by one word, I would say "Positive", and I hope Bing don't become mean against we all (And btw I would like to continue broadcasting the Month Updates, k?)

    I will create one page as a tribute

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  • Luciano Existe

    Lusophone Wiki!

    August 24, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    I made a wiki in (Brazilian) Portuguese



    1. The English rules are still valid for this wiki

    2. Please, if you don't speak Portuguese, either don't go to this wiki or use Translate Google

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  • Luciano Existe

    Mediterranian Ocean

    August 14, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    Now the distance between Gilbatrar (UK) and Morroco is 1,348.4 km (The distance between Sao Paulo, Brazil and Asuncion, Paraguay) so more countries can be made on the ocean

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  • Luciano Existe

    Threaty of Peace

    August 9, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    I will try to stay neutral at both UWM and Luciano sides. So, don't delete this because I want peace

    At August 8 2020, KATMAKROFAN decided to purge the wiki and then started the wiki's civil war: UnitedWorldMedia and KATMAKROFAN vs Luciano Existe (me) and Timebomb192potato

    The Luciano side keeps blocking the UWM side, which keeps unblocking theirselfes. The Pro-Luciano side wants to keep the wiki while the Pro-UWM side wants to delete everything and everyone. While Ben Tran's status is unknown, Theresa claims that they surrendered.

    Since 3 out of 4 users wants peace, I decided to create a deal:

    The staff will decide if they should be banned, impeached or forgived. I already expressed that I wanna see they banned but that doesn't matter. United…

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