Well, if you don't remember, I was blocked on this wiki for "sockpuppeting and voter fraud" (when I didn't, and it's still a mistery who did that in reality but I think they were bots) and all related to this page, even though there is nothing wrong with it

Recently, Ootwar confirmed that things based on reality can exist here unless if they cause a paradox (Paradox example, if WW1 never happened, other things like the Great depression, Communism, WW2, Holocaust, Holodomor, Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, Nazism, Cold War, NATO, Warsaw Pact, UE, etc. Would be never a thing, also, a WW1 would happen anyways because of the start of Fascism in Italy and Japan) and why should these things exist? Well, for the same reason fictional countries exist: Entreitanment (I don't know how to spell it even in my native languange)

Also, these things can be realistic, like this example

"When Europe was going to be divided into Capitalism and Communism, the USSR wanted to have Kalingrad, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, meanwhile the USA wanted to make them free, after hours of proposes, they agreed that Kalingrad would be renamed to New Prussia (and it would be capitalist) meanwhile the Baltics would be communists countries, but the SU could have parts of Germany, Italy, France and Japan.While France and Italy collapsed early and Germany had the same destine of our reality, Japan had a civil war, South Japan was Capitalist and North Japan, Communist, the Japans were fighting each other until some monarchist taked over the country and won the war. Instead of hating NATO, they becomed friends and the Kingdom of Japan (Which had the Japanese Empire flag until 1980) helped the USA and South Korea to win the Korean War, they did it and now Korea was united"

(As you can see, I gave a final link to Korea)

And some can also have historical reasons, like Castilla and Aragon. If you don't know, Portugal decided to declare war at the Spanish Confederation (Or whatever it was) to be really free instead of only autonomous, so why couldn't Castilla and Aragon do the same? But, on this case, the rest of the history is totally fictional and it could fit here (Spoiler: Both are Republics now)

Some may have cultural reasons, for example, an unnamed Germanic Islamic country on the regions it is in

There are also fictional countries with traces on reality like Mexas (Based on the Mexican culture and the Texan wish of independence), Zeta (Similar to the Tibetan independence moviment, altrough it's not only Tibet), Roman Islands (An island with the culture of SPQR) and Dioro (A parody of the "O Sul É Meu País" or "The South Is My Country" moviment that happens on South Brazil, exactly where I live)

Don't think that there aren't minor changes, like, the second flag of Russia is the official one here because I really hate the flag standard in Europe: three horizontal lines

Some countries may be substituted by others, like Argentina. I will explain why:

"Hitler wanted to invade the Americas, while in the North the soldiers were brutally massacred by the American, Mexican, Cuban, Croeyan and Canadian armies, they reached success in the South, invading countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Barokia, Esperantias, Erico, (a country I forgot the name), Uruguay (unless if it never existed or whatever) and parts of Chile, Paraguay and Brazil. Most of the countries didn't becomed communists or capitalists, except South Argentina, Bolivia, Erico (temporally), South Brazil (and probably Uruguay) (Communists), Barokia, São Paulo and North Argentina (Capitalists), North Argentina annexed South Argentina but they didn't had the actual flag of the true universe but another, so Argentina is the same of real life, except for the flag and population"

(If you're wondering, South Brazil was free and São Paulo, a Brazilian puppet, both are Brazilian states again)

And some were made because I wanted, like, I've proposed a territorial change to Brazil because it fitted better to me, one has Uruguay, and the other don't. Altrough when they got free, their territory was smaller then reality. Also, Portugal could be a monarchy, but the flag will be the same of real life

That is a good option when you ran out of ideas (I didn't but whatever)

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