1. This wiki allows things based in reality (Like, Mato Grosso do Norte is based on reality)

2. Quebec wanted to be free and so it is allowed to exist in DFW

3. Keep in mind that DFW is fictional, so making a territory become free will not change reality (Altrough I admit it looks weird) no matter of how many people think it is not (Search "Mandela Effect" for understanding more)

4. It would make more sense because Canada was fully colonized by the UK, except for Quebec, which was colonized by France

5. I'm thinking on creating some pages related to it soon

6. I have the rights of considering certain countries I did canon or not (Like, if I want to make Victoria non-canon, I can)

7. Some things in real life can be used for DFW too

I hope you guys understand

Luciano Brazilian 22:27, April 7, 2020 (UTC)

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