At this month, I was promoted to a Bureaucrat (even though I have only 1600 edits) and some changes will happen

If you guys are wondering, no, I will not ignore you only because I'm powerful, no, I would be an asshole if I did, in fact, I will try to be more active to avoid a chaos on the wiki (Some users could use the "He has 1600 and he is a crat, why can't I be one too?" excuse and this would create a Great Depression on this wiki)

I feel proud to be a member of the Staff and I promise I will not abuse my admin powers or be boring (OK, KatmakroFan?), in fact, I will try to act as a normal user and be funny

Werten had a great idea:Dream Fiction Awards, it is really better than just giving a single "Article of the Month" thing, some pages deserve something better

About things based on reality, well, they're allowed, I'm creating a standard to it, but, as of now, they're allowed, just don't make paradoxes, OK?

I will try to contribute more to this wiki because I'm a bureaucrat, crats needs to be active on their wikis. I really hope you guys enjoy the Luciano Era but I will try to don't be boring because I'm still an user who edits for fun

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