Hi guys, first rant, who dis? (Sorry for the dead meme lol).

This rant is on the Reception wiki network, which i used to like, before the admins became total wusses, back in the FANDOM/early miraheze days, they were one of the few anti-SJW networks using the wiki format, i felt right at home, but then, Grust decided to make a blog post clearly defending feminists "Maybe they have a point", Well, their POINT was vandalising public property, flipping off motorcades, etc., i admited the issue, and i got a perma-ban. I re-entered the network ages later and here's what i found.

  • People calling Greta Thunberg a "lord and savior" - Contradicts the god emporer rant on the Trump fandom page, and several articles about Gawker.
  • Immature descriptions - Mostly on the toxic fandoms & hatedoms, the characters say something like "Why do i have a bad fandom" or "I wanna destroy that hatedom".
  • Underage users - Back in the day, i was like one of the 3 underage users (i'm now 15, BTW), but now around 20-40% of the wiki's population is underage
  • Not taking criticism - If you make a "Problems with Crappy Games Wiki" they will act like a whiny brat, yet any other "Problems" video is fine by them.
  • Banning major users for being ever-so-slightly conservatives - Contradicts several rules, articles and more, i got banned for doing that.
  • Not knowing what a "Computer" is - Their video quality looks like garbage, an example is this ( using freakin' Mobizen when you should be using a computer with Bandicam or OBS to record footage, lousy kids.
  • Even with a Computer, they use External Camera - Example:; they can't even afford to use Bandicam or OBS, which both have free versions, so they just use their GoPros or phones or whatever to record the videos, the example sounds like an airplane.
  • Being SMLidiots - Their phones' wallpapers are usually Jeffy (who SML should stop using and return to Mama Luigi and Toby Tiger, since unlike Jeffy, they don't cause suicides among kids) and they often say SML's videos are perfect, even though these kids should not be watching SML, it's for 18+ O N L Y.

So anyways, tool all of the reception wikis.

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