Cedar Fair

  1. Renaming Rebel Yell To Racer 75 (What's up with that? Trying to honor ACE? More Like, Easily Offended! *drum cymbal* seriously, this was a terrible decision, a classic coaster renamed, 8/10 chance you will still hear people calling it that in the park, just rename it back, Please!)
  2. Tearing Down Big Dipper (Speaking of ACE, they are enormus hypocrites, they claim to "support" ACE yet tear down an ACE Landmark, very selfish)
  3. Planning to close CGA (Cedar Fair is doing everything for the money and praise of hardcore enthusiasts who can give one less crap about the classics, they were once planning to demolish California's Great America for a strip mall. Yeah... It was that bad)
  4. Closing down Geauga Lake (this screams Cha-Ching to my ears, all they wanted to do was just buy the park so they can elimate competition from Cedar Point.)
  5. Tearing Down Vortex (Hello, S&S! Obvious Cedar Fair wants to tear down an iconic landmark at Kings Island under the belt that it isn't an ACE Classic [even though they give one less crap otherwise], It was sad to see an iconic coaster gone, all it needed were new trains!)
  6. No New Coasters for the 150th Birthday of Cedar Point (WHY?!? I get you just installed Steel Vengeance, like, 2 years ago, but this is a huge milestone, why just resturants and a parade that lasts a single year)
  7. Reling Mostly on 1 foot taller clones (This is cheating in the coaster wars, companies like Busch Gardens, Herschell, and all those international parks are going to cheat you out since they break the record by like 50 feet)
  8. Treating Michigan's Adventure Like Crap (Seriously, Michigan's Adventure should be blamed for it's quality from CEDAR FAIR, not the park itself, they really don't like the park)
  9. Treating Gilroy Gardens Like Elephant Crap (They forget they even OWN it, yes, it's more known for the gardens, but seriously, no new coasters since 2001 is just bogus in my opinion)
  10. Teasing us with Antique Cars (2019 was the YEAR, the year of RMC Son of Beast or a B&M Giga, but NO! Antique Cars have to come out and be stupid space-waste)
  11. Non-Syncing "Racer" (The Racer doesn't even RACE anymore)

Six Flags

  1. Chain Wide 4D Free Spins (Look, i know they are bankrupt, but still)
  2. Trying to buy Cedar Fair
  3. Removing the other 5 flags
  4. Retiring Mr. Six
  5. Removing Bugs Bunny's lands
  6. Tearing down Rolling Thunder
  7. Selling Geauga Lake to Cedar Fair
  8. Not giving Scorcher Floorless Trains
  9. Too much DC theming
  10. Overuse of company ads
  11. No DC license at Darien Lake.
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