Yes, I am indeed this salty, but if you paid more attention, it'd be nice.

Tested ideas

  • A new rule in Dream Fiction Wiki to control the whole page spam thing: if an empty page isn't filled with a week, it will automatically become a candidate for deletion
    • Setting all pages under the category of empty pages as candidates of deletion has improved activity on some pages immensely.
    • If empty articles are still not expanded by May 30th (especially those marked as candidates of deletion as of this moment), they will be set to be deleted to prevent a flood of wasted space. To prevent this, please expand your page of choice, and the Delete tag will be removed shortly.
  • A WikiProject-like initiative, starting off with one dedicated to El Kadsre articles (still in progress)

Approved ideas

  • YinYangians love Countryballs should be merged into El Kadsreians Love Dunkin' Donuts 
    • Driller: Yes, I do feel that should happen.
    • Poll coming soon.
  • the Dream Logos Wiki and Dream Fiction Wiki layouts seem a bit flat, so what it needs is a cool background (it needs to be consistent between the two wikis, however)
    • Driller: I feel there should be a background so the wiki can stand out. It must be a basic pattern. (No further comment)
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