Here at Dream Logos/Fiction Wikis, we are all about making articles about companies, logos, and so on. However, there has been a topic going on throughout numerous discussions, which we're going to debate now. Quality or quantity?


A lot of administrators and more matured users (a.k.a. veterans, experienced users from other wikis, etc) are on the side of quality, considering why this wiki was made in the first place, because all information related to something in Dream Logos Wiki had to be put somewhere, and it doesn't belong much in there as it is more so to be like it's factual, strict alternative Logopedia.

I have tried to make this environment more suitable in order for this to become the generalized "fictional version of Wikipedia", but this comes with some losses, as I'll explain in the next section.


CoolGamer23 is guilty of being more so responsible for trying (again, trying) to make this the largest wiki in this platform, by pages and not bytes (a.k.a. the data that makes up the pages). Then again, the largest wiki, LyricWiki, is at around 2 million pages, however, it's currently closed to anyone, to prevent further chaos in edits and messages.

There needs to be an established control over what pages will stay, how these pages will be constructed, etc etc. More than 16% of this wiki alone is stubs. Around 33% (yes, you heard it right, the third of this wiki) is under construction. And these have remained so, ever since these pages were created. Sure, the page count has shrinked to a measley 13.5k pages, but does that really matter? You decide.

Vote now

NOTE: Wikia Staff agree that quality should be first (they mentioned it during one of the email conversations I had with them), so I'm counting that in as a vote for quality.

Quality or quantity first?

The poll was created at 10:45 on May 27, 2019, and so far 58 people voted.
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