After reading the comments in this discussion:

I want to apologize to all members of the #BoycottDriller movement.

I'm sorry for trying to support Driller without known the stuff that's happening currently, it's because that I never joined the DFW and DLW Discord, so I never known the evil facts about Driller that were actually true. I'll no longer support Driller and I now support the #Boycott Driller movement.

#BoycottDriller #DrillerExodus #ImpeachDriller #PermbanDriller

Since I now know the truth about Driller, Lets keep going on with the protests, activism, demonstrations, sit-ins, and etc.

Also, Driller, you need to accept the truth and your fate! Driller, resign your position as bureaucrat and give it to Ootwar or else this will get even worse than ever!

Also after Ootwar becomes bureaucrat, I'll become the new moderator.

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