• Whalom Park - They rode Flyer Comet and Redwall: Escape from Malkariss
  • Carwardine Colony - They rode Redwall: Escape from Malkariss, Carwardine Mines, The Flying Turns, CityJet, Zero G-Force, Lasso, Mega Man ZX Double Strike, and Fire Chief. They also met some of the walk-arounds (one of the guys managed to hug all of the female walk-around characters and Matthias).
  • Screamin' Safari - They rode Lion's Tail and Flying Sharks
  • Kid's World - They rode Jet Star and Redwall: The Ride.
  • Omaha Luna Park - They rode Special Delivery (and immediately regretted doing so because of the metric crap ton of airtime), Redwall: Fight for Victory, and Lunar Loop.
  • Boblo Island - They rode Redwall: Fight for Victory, Redwall: Matthias' Sparra Race, Skyfighter, Canadian Coaster, Boblo Ferris Wheel, Quasar, and Twister.
  • Chippewa Lake Park - They rode The Beast (now known as Power Rangers Coasterzord; it was still named The Beast when they visited), Redwall: The Ride, StarFox: High Gear, and The Big Dipper.
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