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   Varkia is a Nordic island country, like Iceland is, in Europe between Faland and the Jetanie Archipelago, but Varkia and Faland aren't part of archipelago.

The meaning of the colours on the flag

  • White represents Christianity.
  • Red represents Varkian Blood.
  • Green represents nature.


  • 1000BC-0AD, The Celtic Age
  • 0AD, Christianity became a religion.
  • 1016, Varkia Became Independent, and became a kingdom, Varkberg becomes its capital city.
  • 1864, the very last king was shot by a rebellion person, Varkia became a republic, the country was renamed as “the Nordic republic of Varkia”, The national anthem ('O' Varkie) was created.
  • 1975, LGBT laws become strict.
  • 1999, Varkia is now in peace, LGBT laws changed, and became less strict.
  • 2000, Varkia has a national event for the new millennium.


  • Marriage age is 16
  • Death age is 82
  • Teenage age is 13
  • Drinking age is 18
  • Refusing to pay tax can get you fined up to VK100, VK Stands for Varkian Krona which is the currency
  • Cannibalism is illegal, and you could go prison for 99 years.
  • Hitting your child as a punishment is considered child abuse, and you can go to Jail for 1 year.
  • Same Sex Marriage Is Illegal In Varkia And You Can Go Jail For 1 Month

National holidays

  • New Years Day (1 Jan)
  • Good Friday (Friday) in April
  • Easter Sunday (Sunday) In April
  • Varkian May (7 May)
  • Republic Day (30 October)
  • Halloween (31 October)
  • Christmas Eve (24 December)
  • Christmas Day (25 December)
  • New Years Eve (31 December)


Varkia Uses Plug Outlet E, Just Like The Rest Of Europe Exept UK And Ireland


School Normally Starts At 9:00am Then Ends At 3:05pm

Like Normal They Have Have Five School Days

There Are Four Grade Groups In Education

Little Grades (2-3)

Primary Grades (4-11)

High Grades (11-16)

Top Grades (16-19)