Veena Mehmet Fazourd, a.k.a. Veena Gabaz, also known by her stage name V.Nah is an Algeria-born French-Barokian singer, composer, actor, and music producer who was born on 1963. She had one of the greatest hits of Barokia, and one of her songs, Lover of the Lovers, became number 1 of the Fusid Top Chart 1980.


She was born in Algiers, Algeria, to French parents in July 16, 1963. Her father, Enzo Fazourd, was a French diplomat who was an employee of the Embassy of the French Republic in YinYangia (then the Embassy of the French Republic in the Toralaq Republic). Her mother, Violette Fazourd, is a native of French Guiana. She grew up in Bahezki, Barokia. She started her singing career in 1978. Her first single was Beginning, and it became an instant hit.

She coined the name, V.Nah in 1980.

Personal life

V.Nah married Joaquín Gabaz and gave birth to her daughter Shabra Ghabaz, in 1987. She started her first tour in 1979. The two currently live in Fusid City.

She signed to Mahersid Musik in 1981.

Veena, a dual citizen of France and Barokia, has donated to art projects in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Dakar, and Fusid City.


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