Veggio Zappacosta (born December 2, 1954), also known as and sometimes credited as Veggio, is a Italian voice actor. He has been active since 1976, and once had his own childrens' TV show on Tele Monte Carlo titled Veggio - È molto folle! which aired several children's cartoon series.


Veggio was born in Campione d'Italia and trained in acting in Bologna, where he currently resides. His father was a engineer for Radiotelevisione Italiana.

Unlike most Italian voice actors of the time, Veggio publicized himself as a rock star, and was notably photographed posing in dark glasses standing next to the helicopter of Euro TV co-founder Calisto Tanzi.

He is one of the few voice actors for Strada Sesamo to have stayed with the show since the beginning, dubbing over Big Bird (as "Pozzo") and Cookie Monster (as "Pasticcino").

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