Veshnyak Azhishchenkov (born April 24, 1952) is a Russian-Puerto Changuese actor, video game reviewer, writer, a former general, former politician and the military ruler of Puerto Chango between 1982 and 1984. His rule of Puerto Chango was a dictatorship.


Veshnyak was born on April 24, 1952, at Lesnoye Sanatorium in Tolyatti, Soviet Union (now Russia). He was briefly an army general, but left the Red Army due to issues with his family, and moved to Puerto Chango.

Veshnyak became the Commander-in-Chief of the Puerto Chango Ground Forces in 1978 and assumed power in Puerto Chango following a United States-led coup d'état on January 9, 1982, that overthrew the democratically elected Christian evangelist government of President Hector Formoza after Formoza's suicide in late 1981. In 1984, the dictatorship ended and Veshnyak was replaced by President Thorleiv Aalefjær. After this, he retired from the military and politics to pursue an acting career.

Arguably, Veshnyak's most famous role as an actor is Daisuke Williams/Battle Cossack II in the El SúperEquipo franchise.

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