Viasat Euro Republics is a Euro Republican pay television provider founded in 2020, they have TV channels to compliment the service, many broadband providers in the Euro Republics tend to couple their broadband and phone offers with Viasat since it does not have it’s own broadband service. It’s main rival is C More. Currently it’s broadband partner is Telstra.

TV packages

  • Basic Pack (€5.99)
  • Medium Pack + Viaplay (€9.99)
  • HD Pack (€12)


  • HBO + TV1000 (€1.99)
  • Sports Ticket (€2)
  • Viastars (€1)

TV channels

Free to air (EuroMedia)

  • TV3 (general)
  • FOX (youth entertainment)
  • V5 (music and women’s channel)
  • Channel 6 (variety channel, joint venture with ETV and EuroMedia)
  • TV8 (news channel)
  • Kaideoscope (documentaries)
  • TV10 (sports)

Pay entertainment channels

  • Viasat Prime
  • Viasat Action
  • Viasat Gold
  • Viasat Living
  • Viasat Nature
  • Viasat Documentaries

TV1000 (premium channels; previously Sky Cinema, Sky Atlantic and Sky Sports)

  • TV1000 Showcase (HBO, Showtime, NBC and Starz series along with movies)

Viasat’s carriage agreements


Movie library

As of 2020, TV1000 maintains exclusive first-run film licensing agreements with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures (including 20th Century Studios, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm), Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios (inc. Focus Features).

TV1000 also has 2nd-run rights for Anchor Bay Entertainment, EuropaCorp and Lionsgate films, although they are in talks with Lionsgate to make Viasat to exclusive home for Lionsgate films.

The first-run film output agreement with Sony was renewed for nine years on February 11, 2013,  the Warren Miller output deal was renewed for ten years on October 19, 2009.

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