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VidSpace is a video-sharing website based in El Kadsre founded by former Seymour Games employee Tyrrell Takara. Launched in 1997, the site was the precursor to YouTube. As of 2020, over 30 billion videos have been uploaded to the site, while the first 50 were uploaded during its first month of activity.

Its main competitors are YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.


Pre-Alpha testings

VidSpace began development in 1992 by Driller Engine programmer Tyrrell Takara, who has previously worked with Seymour Games and other independent developers at the time.

Because Internet access bandwidth and video transcoding technology at the time were limited, Takara had to make the plugin called "VidSpace Player", capable of streaming embedded MPEG-1 videos with WAV audio in the webpage. Because Takara has little to no experience of website development, he contacted few Netspace employees to help him develop the site.


On January 17, 1997, VidSpace was launched on the internet. The first video of the site titled "Me testing my video website project" was uploaded to the site two hours later. It was successful with 50 videos being uploaded each month of activity. Most of the multimedia players added support for VidSpace. The offices were in El Kadsre City whilst the servers and international mainframe operations were based in Glonisla.

At first, VidSpace's custom-designed Linux-powered mainframes were prone to rendering playback ID errors, 500 Internal Server Errors and in some cases, browser crashes due to faulty hard drives, and as a result server engineers were given a special hammer as part of their regular electronic mainframe repair kits. When banged against the area of the drive, it would temporarily fix the problem. The business end was made out of a patented lead-hardened Tyvek mixture developed by University of El Kadsre students, and formulated so it wouldn't damage the internal electronics when pounded on.

Rise of VidSpace

Among the earliest VidSpace celebrities were the singing group O'Collins.

The success of VidSpace led to creating apps and clones. In February 2001, VidSpace launched a premium subscription service, called VidSpace Plus. The service allowed users to upload much longer videos (such as making short films), playing videos with high quality, and getting the new features early.

In August 2001, VidSpace had major upgrades, video player was switched to 16:9 widescreen and the quality upgraded to DVD-quality 576i video playback.

In 2003, VidSpace migrated to Flash.

Modern era

In November 2004, VidSpace was redesigned to have a clean look, new features, improved playback quality, much longer videos, and more social networking features, Also, the 720p HD video playback and MPEG-4 format was introduced, making it the first video-sharing website to have high-definition quality.

1080p Full HD video playback was introduced in December 2005. 4K Ultra HD was introduced in January 2010. In May 2013, VidSpace transitioned to HTML5, allowing playback on iOS, Android, Portosic OS, and ViraOS devices.

VidSpace has recently begun to offer paid, free-to-view uploads of full episodes of TV series and movies, striking a deal with PBS in 2018 to allow PBS' VidSpace accounts to upload full episodes from PBS and PBS Kids shows, plus remastered versions of older shows and episodes. Similar to Tubi, they have advertisements (though an ad blocker can offer an uninterrupted experience).

Notable videos

Video Category Upload date Duration Uploader Views Likes Dislikes Notes
Me testing my video website project Film & Animation January 17, 1997 (same as launch date) 0:33 Tyrrell Takara 7,200,000 First (and oldest) video on the website.
Never Illegally Download Education December 15, 1998 0:32 9,888,888 Got remastered in HD in 2017 for the 10th anniversary of the site
Pokemon and Trainers in the El Kadsre! Film & Animation August 19, 2004 4:02 8,192,004
Ben sings Take On Me by aha. January 1, 2007 Ben Gia Tran 6,543,210
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared July 29, 2011 This is It Collective 5,432,109 Also uploaded on YouTube and Vimeo.
We Will Rock You (El Kadsre) August 10, 2016 4,321,098 Also uploaded on YouTube.
Take Me On: A Parody Of A-ha's Take On Me Film & Animation December 2, 2016 4:06 Eagles 'n' Waffles 3,210,987
Tough Girls Fight January 29, 2017 2,109,876 Also uploaded on YouTube and Vevo.
Ethanol trains across the El Kadsres Lifestyle August 15, 2017 12:11 Timothy Schönbächler 1,987,654 Also uploaded on YouTube and El Kadsre Railfanning Portal
EKRail in North El Kadsre No. 1 Lifestyle May 12, 2018 7:08 1,708,218 Also uploaded on YouTube and El Kadsre Railfanning Portal
It’s a 2019 with a Bang!!! Reality January 1, 2019 3:34 Jamella Avanzado 1,334,219 Also uploaded on YouTube and Facebook
DISLIKE THIS CRINGE-WORTHY GAMING VIDEO Gaming June 14, 2019 5:18 jeko 1,185,149
Breaking News: A Little Bit of Nothing Gaming January 22, 2020 9:15 KrakkerFlix300 1,159,222
Truth Revealed! Lifestyle April 20, 2020 11:15 Deronfare'e 142,925,113,501 25,910,882,909 20,592,914,961 Also uploaded on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch as a 30 minute live stream, LifeConnect, and Comaro.

Notable live streams

Video Category Date when the stream started

Date when the stream ended

Uploader Notes
Live analytics for the countries in the Kadersaryinan Islands by population Statistics & Analytics September 10, 2010 Kadersaryinan Islands' Stats It's the longest lasting and the oldest live stream on the website. The stream is still active and running for almost 10 years.

This live stream is also on YouTube and Twitch.

It's believed that this live stream is probably the most viewed thing ever on the website since 2018 and it's been on the algorithm since the Gaburayonese Revolution had started and that's when Gaburayon's population had started to go down and VidSpacers started time-lapsing of the decline of the population of Gaburayon and uploading them onto VidSpace.

People also did the same thing too when Kaga'ahjo was also losing its population when the Juul war started.

During the late point of the Gaburayonese Revolution, a constitutional referendum didn't passed, so Gaburayon was turned into a totalitarian state and the Gaburayonese secret police was established and that cause a faster decline in Gaburayon's population when the secret police are killing all opposition of the Gaburayonese government, so people viewed the live stream just because of that.

COVID-19 pandemic in Kadersaryina had been making the population of Kadersaryina going down, so it made the viewers attracted to the video.

The highest amount of viewers that watched this live stream in a single day was about 90.6 billion views on October 10, 2020, which's 3.775 billion viewers that watched it per hour.

The lowest amount of viewers that watched this live stream in a single day was about 2.5 million views on March 26, 2019.

This live stream is also on YouTube, Comaro, and Twitch.

Live analytics for the countries in the Kadersaryinan Islands by GDP Statistics & Analytics November 5, 2010 Kadersaryinan Islands' Stats Viewership in this live stream is slightly lower than the population one.

This live stream got way more popular again since the 2020 stock market crash started.

This live stream is also on YouTube, Comaro, and Twitch.

Live analytics of the coronavirus pandemic in the World Statistics & Analytics December 1, 2019 Global Stats Former titles: Live analytics of the coronavirus pandemic in China

Live analytics of the coronavirus pandemic in Asia

It's the fastest growing channel on VidSpace, YouTube, and Comaro because of this live stream. If this live stream ended and looked at the views, then it would be way more views than the two live streams on the Kadersaryinan Islands' Stats channel combine.

The highest amount of viewers that watched this live stream in a single day was about 755.98 billion views on March 13, 2020, which's 5.21 billion viewers that watched it per hour.

The lowest amount of viewers that watched this live stream in a single day was about 5.5 million views on December 1, 2019.

This live stream is also on YouTube, Comaro, and Twitch.


Banned VidSpacers

Channel(s) User(s) Date banned Reason(s) Note(s)
David Brak David Brak April 7, 2018 Copyright infringement against Nickelodeon and Viacom, plus highly vulgar videos.
Equipo Prias Prias Productions June 5, 2018 Elsagate and possible child endangerment,
El Carlos y María Mostrar
(The Carlos and María Show)
Social Dude Productions Marcos Paqueros March 6, 2019 Responsible for hijacking El TV Kadsre 4.
HyperAmyNathan Nathan Whitewater May 4, 2019 Elsagate-like puppet videos.
1dominica1 Dominica Jones June 5, 2019 Constant copyright infringement on her VidSpace channel against Google, YouTube, Twitter, and LifeConnect.
NintenVideos Nintendrew August 12, 2019 Copyright infringement against Nintendo.
RicardoAlanas Ricardo Luis Alanas May 1, 2020 Copyright infringement.
Tecardolo Oaubi Douksol June 10, 2020 Posted white supremacist and Rairan supremacist content against George Floyd, his legacy, racial justice, and the Black Lives Matter movement. He supported Clyohraira, and other right-wing populist and fascist countries' actions of establishing secret polices against the George Floyd protests in their home countries and in the Kadersaryinan Islands. VidSpace permanently banned his channel and IP-banned him from VidSpace. He has since secretly came back as OlodRacet, and yet to be banned on that account as well.
Progast Progastinen Gloesila & Brielpo Holisam September 18, 2020 For posting the video about interviewing various of students at the University of El Kadsre about the negative things about the Vlokist politicians, including the ones from the New National Vlokist Front. This Kadersaryinan Youtuber traveled to El Kadsre at the University of El Kadsre.

Most of the students in the videos were disgusted about the negative things they learned about their Vlokist politician they supported.

Progastinen and Brielpo were arrested and banned from political activism for life as part of their plea deal.

Progastinen and Brielpo were blacklisted by the EKSSC, viewed both of them as a national security threat to EK.

RedEaglePolitics January 15, 2021 He did a political analysis on the El Kadsreian Labor Party candidates for the 2021 El Kadsreian national primaries, which he thought that Jarred Vlokozu is one of the worst candidates currently running as the EKLP frontrunner because he believed that the Vlokozuian Revolution was a leftist revolution that the hereditary dictatorship stepped in for the EK elites to rule above all, the Vlokist movement had begun to start indoctrinating the populace, the media, and the government, and they're extremely hypocritical for not following most or all of the Ten Points of Vlokism, despite him not liking half of the Ten Points of Vlokism. In the video, he also mentions that Hiroshi Kayos was a hero for fighting for traditional values and American values in El Kadsre. He was banned from VidSpace permanently and he was blacklisted by the EKSSC, viewed him as a national security threat to EK.

Criticism and controversies

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