VideoFrontier is a Croeyan video-sharing website established in 1998. It was described as "Croyean VidSpace".


VidSpace v. VideoFrontier

Anti-piracy measures

Main article: Chronostorm Studios v. VideoFrontier

When users are on the upload page, users have seen a warning asking them not to violate the Rules of Conduct or any copyright laws. Despite this, there had been numerous unauthorized clips from Croeyan shows and cartoons uploaded to VideoFrontier, and it's up to the copyright holder to submit a DMCA complaint to remove it. Three successful claims can put a permaban on the offending account. Companies like CTC and Chronostorm Studios have filed lawsuits over allowing users to upload full episodes of their shows and cartoons.

In 2007, Chronostorm filed mass litigation against VideoFrontier over large amounts of unauthorized episodes of the cartoons being uploaded, claiming counterfeiting and piracy. Many of the counterfeits contained CT1, CT Kidstoon, RCTI, Megakarya 1, Tresai and RGN screen bugs.

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