VideoGameLand also known as Republic of VideoGameLand is an country in Europe, Africa, South and North America.


Kingdom of Julylandia (1640-1917)

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Julylandia was an First Kingdom of VideoGameLand

In 21 June 1940, Julylandia begins to have war with some Germany because of hating them.

Kingdom of Ataria (1917-1920)

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In 1 January 1917, Julylandia give independent of Ataria.

Soviet Republic of Atarimark (1920-1980)

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Ataria and Denmark was became an one-country and kills 100,000,000,000 people the most on Atarimark but sooner Atarimark spits to Denmark and VideoGameLand in 1 May 1980.

Early VideoGameLand (1980-1997)

In November 1980, VideoGameLand became the most second famous-country.

Mordern VideoGameLand (1997-present)

In June 1997, Everything gone fine, No More Bowser Wars, Having Good Meetings with Denmark and No More Atarimark. Today we all phoneporting with Phoneport.

Federal subjects


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