For the television channel in Randomia, see VideoNick (Randomia).

VideoNick was a Kuboian television channel, and a spin-off of Nickelodeon Kuboia. The channel mostly focused on airing children's and family movies, although it also unusually aired classic cartoons and music videos.


The channel was originally launched as Nick Popcorn on 15th March, 2002. However, the name was changed to Nick Video on 6th January, 2003, as it began to air short films and music videos, which acted as interstitials between films. Following an overhaul of the branding of the Nick channels in Kuboia, the name changed to VideoNick on 31st October, 2005.

VideoNick started broadcasting everyday at 3:30p.m., and would end its run each day at 10:30p.m. on school nights, or 1:30a.m. on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights, and during school holidays.


In September 2009, it was confirmed that all Viacom-owned channels would be closed in Kuboia by the end of 2010. VideoNick was originally scheduled to cease transmissions on 15th August, 2010. However, one day before the original closure, it was revealed that the closure had been pushed back to 14th November for unknown reasons.

The channel officially ceased transmissions on 14th November, 2010 at 10:34p.m. The last film to air on the channel was Toy Story 3, which ended at 9:56p.m. The last half-hour of the channel was a tribute montage to Ericka Streets, who had died four days earlier.

After the last thing the channel aired, the music video to "Here We Go", finished, it cut to a screen informing that the channel had ceased transmissions, and encouraged viewers to continue watching Nick Jr. Kuboia, which itself ceased airing three weeks later.


Despite being under the Nick branding, VideoNick showed family-friendly films from all types of producers and distributors.

Despite mostly being a film channel, VideoNick would broadcast other material as well. These would usually be made-for-TV specials and/or other short films. Music videos would typically be shown as filler. Much like the other Nick channels in Kuboia, Nicktrition interstitials were sometimes shown from 2005 to 2008.

The channel's digital on-screen graphic was not displayed whilst films were airing, though it did appear during advertisement breaks and music videos.

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