Video Tape is a Kuboian computer animated children's television series created by Red Grape Studios founder Roger Gelashvili. Known for its bizarre premise, the show ran for two series; the first series premiered on Disney Channel Kuboia in 1996 whilst a second premiered on KT in 2000. Each series has thirteen 16-minute episodes.

Each episode begins with a VHS tape appearing in a bare, multicoloured environment before jumping into a tape player. The VHS tape plays a selection of different segments before popping out of the tape player at the end of the episode and turning into dust.

The show was aired on Playhouse Disney and Disney Cinemagic worldwide during the early and mid 2000s, and is currently airing on Tooncast in Kuboia as of February 2018.

Recurring segments

A total of three segments play per episode, with each lasting approximately five minutes. Some segments are one-offs, whilst others appear in multiple episodes. Segments which appear in multiple episodes include:

  • Monster Maze, which features a green tyrannosaurus-resembling creature collecting a group of items whilst avoiding three other monsters, a turquoise sphere creature, a red dragon creature and a yellow spike creature.
  • Toybox, which features a group of anthropomorphic toys in the fictional Toy World.
  • Clicker the Mouse, which features an alive computer mouse called Clicker exploring a living room.
  • Triangy's Game Room, which involves a group of alive 3D shapes playing a game. This segment's "mascot" is Triangy, a dark blue pyramid. Triangy does not take part in the games, but observes the other shapes that do, and occasionally acts as a pseudo-referee.
  • Kinder Karaoke is usually the last segment of each episode, and features a mixture of characters from the other segments performing in a band.

International broadcasts

El Kadsre


United Kingdom

  • Disney Channel (1999-2003)
  • CBeebies (2003-2004)

United States

  • Playhouse Disney (2000-2002)
  • PBS Kids (2003-2005)

Video game spin-off

A party-based video game based on the Triangy's Game Room segment was released for the Nintendo 64 exclusively in Europe in October 1999. The game allows players to play as a selection of 3D shapes in a total of thirty minigames.

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