Videocard is the video equivalent to Musicard created by Theorysonic. It was released on April 6, 2001 to replace the TVD. The format is like Musicard with videos. Like its music counterpart, the cards can only be read on dedicated players such as the Videocard MobilePlayer, or through a driver hooked up to a computer, TV, smartphone or tablet (smartphones and tablets requires USB Videocard/Musicard drive player adapters with extensions) with TheoryMedia or other media players (some requires extensions).

SanDisk released it in North America and Latin America the same year as it's El Kadsreian release as the Theory Videocard. It was released by Sony in Japan and the United Kingdom in 2002 as the Sony Videocard and by Philips in the rest of Europe and several regions of Asia the same year as the Philips-Magnavox Videocard.

The biggest selling Videocard release was The Madness of King George with 15 million copies sold.


SanDisk's advertising for the Videocard, produced by Grey Global Group and 4Kids Productions, featured actors Charlie Nieuwoudt and John Brabin advertising the Videocard as "the ultimate video format".

The Videocard, in it's U.S. release, was endorsed by monster truck driver Tom Meents and the famous exhibition basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters. An ad for the Videocard featured the Globetrotters and the Washington Generals playing a game to determine who would get to buy the latest Videocard releases first, before ultimately deciding on buying the releases themselves. Billy Mays advertised the first two Videocard MobilePlayer models and the Jr. model in direct response infomercials.


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