The Videocard TV is a multimedia player. Its similar to the Hasbro VuGo (formerly known as TVNow). It supports MP3, MPEG1, AVI, WAV, JPEG, GIF and a few other media formats. The 16-ounce player has a three-inch full color screen and a built-in speaker to enhance the portable experience, and the pop-out standequals hands-free entertainment. The units have 128 megabytes of memory, which can be expanded to two gigabytes with an SD memory card. The Videocard TV runs on four AAA batteries. Videocard or Musicard file management software makes it easy to store and access your Videocard and Musicard favorites on the computer!

What's in the box

  • 1 x 3.5mm stereo headphones
  • 1 x MetroCon charger adapter
  • 1 x White MetroCon USB cable
  • 1 x Videocard TV


  • Create, carry, and enjoy your own multimedia library of songs, photos, and video
  • Record directly from your TV or transfer files from your computer
  • 3" OLED color screen
  • Store and play up to 6 hours of music, 60 minutes of video or 1,200 photos
  • Includes a USB cable, USB port, built-in speaker, AV port, SD card slot and more


More info is here.

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