'Viljozy' (Japanese: Japanese: ビリョジー; Hepburn: 'Biryojī') (Liljosulese: ョリジビー ~Yorijibī) (Koljifu: リビジョー Ribijō) (Jeoalklmese: リビーョジ Ribī~yoji) (Akhochunlese: ョジーリョ ~Yojīryo) is a family run and multi company run fast food restaurant that is currently operated in 80 - 100+ countries. It's the most popular fast food restaurant in Liljosu and Samikotakiou. 25% of the company ownership is from Mashija's Family, Kymuarx's Family, Chick-fil-A and Jollibee. Their main competitors are McDonalds, Sminster and etc. they currently have 25,000 - 50,000 locations.


During the Famine of Liljosu (1965 - 1970), Kasumi Mashija and his family created a fast food restaurant called Viljozy. During the later years of the Famine of Liljosu (1965 - 1970), the business was a massive hit for Liljosu, so big that they opened up 75 locations in Liljosu in its first year of business. This restaurant is the reason why the Famine of Liljosu (1965 - 1970) ended. In 1975, Alzuri Kymuarx and his family bought out 25% of the company ownership from Kasumi Mashija and his family. In 1978, Viljozy opened its first restaurant in Samikotakiou. In 1985, there were 925 Viljozy locations in Liljosu and 145 Viljozy locations in Samikotakiou.

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