Vincent Richard Murphy (born July 11th, 1986) is an Engarian YouTuber, actor, and television presenter. He is best known for making YouTube videos about him playing many video games, but he is also well known for presenting the Roblox Channel let's play series, Vincent's Roblox Adventures, which has been airing on the channel since 2018.

His main channel, VincentTube, has gained over 10,000,000 subscribers, making it the most subscribed YouTube channel in Engary.

Early life

Vincent was born in Illinois city in 1986 and was later raised by his parents. However, 1 year later, Vincent's father died after suffering from cancer, and his mother later raised him. When Vincent began his career, he moved out of his mother's home and moves to another house in Illinois city.


Vincent began his career in 2010 when he created his own YouTube channel, known as VincentTube. Originally, his channel mainly focused on sketches, but his channel would later go on to mainly focus on let's play videos.

In 2014, Vincent rose to fame when he uploaded his first-ever Roblox video on his VincentTube channel. In that same year, Vincent was later interviewed on Wiki TV's Good Morning Engary where he was questioned about his fame. Vincent later said that he only began uploading Roblox videos because he wants his channel to attract more viewers.

In autumn 2015, Vincent presented Last Call with Vincent Murphy, a show that formerly aired on Wiki TV 2 between 2016-2019.

In November 2018, Vincent Murphy presented the Roblox Channel let's play series, Vincent's Roblox Adventures. He has remained as the presenter of the show since then.

In February 2020, Vincent was one of the judges in Well, who am I?. Also in that same year, Vincent joined Philioaks where he currently portrays Scotty Fitzgerald.

Personal life

In 2008, Vincent began dating with Fay kelly, and their relationship has remained like this ever since. In 2011, Vincent and Fay were married, and they have also remained like this today. In that same year, Fay gave birth to her first child, a baby girl who is known as Tammy Murphy. In 2012, Vincent and Fay were interviewed on RTL Breakfast where they brought their baby daughter Tammy for the interview and explained how did he and Fay first meet.

In 2015, Fay has given birth to a new baby, known as Freddy Murphy. Vincent later uploaded a video to Youtube where he happily announced that his son, Freddy, was born. 3 years later, in 2018, Freddy confirmed on his Twitter post that a new baby, called Beverly, was born.

Currently, Vincent, his wife Fay, and their 3 children currently live in a Komapest mansion.





2015 Your Face Sounds Familiar Engary: Afterparty Presenter
2018-present Vincent's Roblox Adventures Presenter
2020-present Well, who am I? - The stage of mysteries Judge
2020-present Philioaks Actor (Role: Scotty Fitzgerald)
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