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Violent Extreme Wrestling (VEW) is a Magisterian professional wrestling promotion based in Bella Vista, Philadelphia. Founded by retired wrestler Fredrick Smith, who wanted to provide an alternative to the now overly commercialized Danger And Violence Extreme (DAVE), the then-leading hardcore promotion in Magisteria.

VEW shunned the traditional emphasis on the battle between good and evil, instead relying on the wrestlers' natural abilities to work the crowd to garner fan response. The product of the company is geared towards an older audience, with promos and backstage segments often containing adult language, edgy sexual innuendos, and hardcore matches involving the use of lots weapons and often ending in one or both participants in the match covered in blood.

Since it's opening, VEW positioned itself as an 'underground movement to take the places of Danger And Violence Extreme' and the company isn't afraid of any controversy that surrounds them.


2004-2007: First years

During VEW's first years, the company's first major stars were former DAVE stars Kurt Laramee, Hardcore Killah, Stevie Vortex, and Killa Wattz, who all left DAVE after Laramee's clash with DAVE owner Phil Vibert. It combined the hardcore attitude of DAVE with the brutality of SUX, VEW was definitely the edgiest promotion during it's earlier years.

2007-2013: Expansion

After DAVE's demise in 2007, it was time for VEW to fill up the gaps DAVE left in the hardcore wrestling world. From it's old brutal, violent, tasteless style that proved to be popular during their early years, Smith decided to tone down it's style to attract more fans and possibly get the chance to get VEW into national television other than syndicated television. In October 2007, former DAVE megastar Chris Caulfield announced his purchase of Violent Extreme Wrestling. The purchase sent shockwaves throughout Magisterian wrestling, and Caulfield stated to be determined to take the torch of the old tradition of Danger And Violence Extreme. Caulfield's purchase led to VEW's rapid expansion, and the company eventually became the third largest promotion in Magisteria, behind to GCTG, the MWF, and UCW.

2013-present: Fourth In Line

Undisputably the number four promotion in Magisteria, VEW would continue to expand throughout Magisteria after a six year period of rapid expansion. Things turned ugly in 2014 when manager Jerry King became unhappy that his ideas weren't being used often enough and quit, setting up a rival promotion (Nuclear Edge Federation). In the same year, Violent Extreme Wrestling landed a TV deal with the cable channel Extreme, and since it's premiere on the channel, VEW Wrestling has been one of Extreme's best performing shows, consistently scoring 1.0-2.0, and sometimes it goes over than 2.0


Championship Current champion Reign Days held Date won Location Notes
VEW World Heavyweight Championship Puma Cool 2 5+ May 22, 2022 Blackburn, Hildegarde Defeated Tanner Silverdock at VEW Come Out And Play (2021)
VEW World Television Championship Corey Roosevelt 1 201+ November 7, 2021 Williamson, Philadelphia Defeated Bravado Bringer at VEW End of the Line (2021)
VEW World Tag Team Championship We Teamed Before It Was Cool (Ray Capone & Richard Tyeroero) 2 33+ April 24, 2022 Grayman, Coraline Defeated Kabukimono (Noyo Minaba & SOSEKI) at VEW Wrestling (2022-04-24)



  • Andre Bledsoe
  • Anthony Robinson
  • Asylum
  • Bad Boy Avery
  • Bravado Bringer
  • Cassidy Loco
  • Corey Roosevelt
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Damian Vaughn
  • David Dawkins
  • Franklin Dean Black
  • Gilbert Cardo
  • Grand Prix
  • Harrison Deathstroke
  • Ishkhan
  • Joe Ambrose
  • Joseph Louis
  • King Island
  • LA Michaels
  • Luke Jay
  • Mashford Dakota
  • Neurosis
  • Noyo Minaba
  • Patrick Jackson
  • Paul Fox
  • Pritchard Poe
  • Puma Cool
  • Ray Capone
  • Richard Tyeroero
  • Scott Waynes
  • Sixteen Volts
  • Steven Beckham
  • Tanner Silverdock
  • Thomas Beaumont
  • Tony Portslade
  • Travis Stine
  • Tucker Neville-Thomas
  • Vincent Jackson


  • King Karl
  • Holly Houston
  • Katya Ivanova
  • Maxwell
  • Revolver Binx


  • John Akoni
  • Heidi Hyde
  • Madison Baker


  • 9th Street Anarchists (Andre Bledsoe & Sixteen Volts)
  • Bump 'n' Grind (Bad Boy Avery & Joe Ambrose)
  • Damage Control (Cassidy Loco & David Dawkins)
  • Kabukimono (Noyo Minaba & SOSEKI)
  • The Straitjacket Club (Asylum & Neurosis)
  • We Teamed Before It Was Cool (Ray Capone & Richard Tyeroero)