ViraPC is a series of all-in-one and CPU desktop computers created and marketed by EKS. The series comes with or without monitor.


The ViraPC was announced in 1995 as a successor to EKS Personal Unit.


  • Dolby/Acura surround sound support.


  • V6630 (1995) - first ViraPC model, with flat LCD.
  • V6640 (1996) - first model with DVD drive support.
  • V6650 (1998) - first model with USB.
  • V6660 (1999) - first wide HD model.
  • V6670 (2001) - last model with 3½-inch floppy disk drive.
  • V6680 (2003) - first full HD model.
  • V6690 (2005) - first LED model.
  • V6700 (2006) - first model with HDMI cable.
  • V6710 (2008) - first model with Blu-ray drive support.
  • V6720 (2009)
  • V6730 (2011) - first model with USB 3.0.
  • V6740 (2013) - first 4K model.
  • V6750 (2016)
  • V6760 (2017) - current model.



The default operating system is EKS Vortex. ViraPC can also run on Windows, Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, OS/2, IRIX, AmigaOS, EyeLine, GNOME or Xenika. TSUG can be installed, changed, and dual-booted to ViraPC via TheoryHack. MacOS cannot be installed on ViraPC due to differences.


ViraPC has positive reviews. ViraPC was one of the commercially successful HD computers. Vira PC has sold over 60 million units.

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