Virtual Cedar Point was released in 2003 for the Century Theoron, Xbox, Playstation 2, and Nintendo Gamecube by Sega and Cedar Fair. This was the first game in the Virtual Cedar Point series.

Confusing Release Schedule

The release date for this game is often debated upon

Season Passholders

Several Season Passholders got this game sent in the mail for free between May 1st-May 31st.

Regular Release

It could be bought at the park from May 22nd, 2003 all the way to the end of the 2007 season.

Outside the Park

The game has been released outside the park for a limited time in late 2003 with specially marked "Cedar Point $10 off Tickets", but these releases are rare.

Outside the US

The game had little to no releases outside the US with the Cedar Point brand, it was released in PAL territories as "Virtual Theme Park". This version has been released in 2004.


You start out with no Point fragments, and you have to earn them by cooking food or being a ride op (since being a security officer, conducting a train and being in a parade are unlocked later in the game).

The full park is recreated in-game.

How to Get Point Fragments

25 Point Fragments = 1 Point

  • Cook Food = 2 PFs
  • Play A Ride Mini Game = 4 PFs
  • Be A Ride Op = 5 PFs
  • Be A Security Officer = 12 PFs
  • Conduct A Train = 15 PFs
  • Be In A Parade = 20 PFs


1 Point

  • Antique Cars [Classic Cars in PAL Regions]
  • Blue Streak [Blue Blur in PAL Regions]
  • Cadillac Cars [Classic Cars 2 in PAL Regions]
  • Cedar Creek Mine Ride [Creek Mine Ride in PAL Regions]
  • Cedar Downs Racing Derby (has a mini game) [Racing Derby in PAL Regions]
  • Jr. Gemini [Jr. Coaster in PAL Regions]
  • Kiddy Kingdom [Kids Land in PAL Regions]
  • Midway Carousel [Carousel in PAL Regions]
  • Space Spiral [Tower in PAL Regions]

2 Points

  • Corkscrew [Looper in PAL Regions]
  • Iron Dragon [Fire Coaster in PAL Regions]
  • Skyway [Sky Buckets in PAL Regions]

3 Points

  • Demon Drop [Drop of Doom in PAL Regions]
  • Disaster Transport (has a mini game) [Disaster Master in PAL Regions]
  • Mantis [Stand It in PAL Regions]
  • Wicked Twister [Wicked in PAL Regions]

4 Points

  • Gemini (has a mini game) [Racer in PAL Regions]
  • Millennium Force [Blue Beast in PAL Regions]
  • Ocean Motion [Ocean Ship in PAL Regions]
  • Ripcord [Swing Shot in PAL Regions]
  • Soak City [Waterpark in PAL Regions]

5 Points

  • Magnum XL 200 [Red Trouble in PAL Regions]
  • Mean Streak [Wooden Twister in PAL Regions]
  • Raptor [Only ride to share the same name in NTSC/PAL Regions, but with a different logo]
  • Snake River Falls [Big Splash! in PAL Regions]
  • Top Thrill Dragster [Top Hat Launcher in PAL Regions]
  • Wave Swinger [Chair Swinger in PAL Regions]


  • All of the rides POVs were done in full CGI animation.
  • The Disaster Transport POV has a mini game similar to the Star Wars arcade game.
  • The Gemini POV has a racing mini game.
  • The game was originally going to be released April 2003, but since the game was buggy, was pushed to July 2003.
  • The ride mini games are optional and can be disabled by selecting Original mode.
  • The game was re-released by Cedar Fair Games in 2018 as "Virtual Cedar Point Classic" for the Dolphin Emulator and Steam for $9.99, with several HD textures and an option to switch between 2003 CP and 2018 CP. Due to the additions, it is impossible to get it working on a regular GameCube without an SD card.
  • The PAL version is called Virtual Theme Park, removed several Cedar Point elements, and has gotten a full release over there in 2004.


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