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Viva, Inc. is an El Kadsreian television network and broadcasting company formed in 1958 in El Kadsre as an operating TV station to replace NTV in the West, Viva Television.


It was founded in 1958 as a holding company for Viva Television, and acquired film studios New Republic Productions and Great Cinema Company, whose studios distributed Columbia and MGM films in West El Kadsre, respectively. The next year, both film studios were unified into one organization Viva Films. It is one of the top priorities of the 1960s.

In 1972, Vlokozuian Media Union attempted to acquire the company, but VMU failed to impress the acquisition. In 1975, The Quaker Oats Company bought out Viva, Inc., and in 1978, they formed Viva Home Video, by distributing Viva, CPN and Seiko cassettes on video.

in 1979, Magnetic Video was bought out by the company. Around the same time, Paul Friswell left Viva to start out Banushen Media Corporation, whose Banushen and Viva were partners from 1981 to 1996.

In 1993, they set up Show TV, with Viva holding a majority interest, and in 1997, made Viva full ownership by renaming it to Viva 2.

In 1998, Seagrounds Financial Group bought out Viva from Quaker. In 2006, Morgan Entertainment Corporation bought out Viva from Seagrounds.

In 2012, Saudi Aramco who had a 55% stake, and ANT1 Group, who had a 41% stake bought out Viva from Morgan. Currently it is the largest entertainment company.