Vlokfilm (formerly known as The Leader's Film Company and Ekovision Films) is a company formed in 1930. Its owned by Regal Group Network.


Vlokfilm stared its roots in 1930 when First National of Sentan (of which is a subsidiary of the American-based First National Pictures, formed in 1918) and Sentan Visions (formed in 1917 by Jack Kuidiniki to distribute independent and Warner Bros. films) were merged together to form The Leaders' Film Company, based in New Salta. It was the leading distributor of films from Warner Bros. Pictures.

The company managed to hit big, going to be the major film producers in the Sentanese market, and once it grew, it became the biggest suppliers, distributing films from Warner Bros., as well as original content.

The company managed to survive following the Eight-Day War, after most film companies received name changes, this time as one of the largest El Kadsreian film producers.

In 1959, it was merged with Halcyon Films Ltd. which was formed in 1947, to form Ekovision Film. The company continues to distribute Warner Bros. material, as they incorporate contracts from Halcyon. Then, ten years later, it was merged with rival Regal Films Limited, and then after the start of the Vlokozu Union, it was renamed to Vlokfilm, releasing films from both Paramount and Warner Bros.

In 1971, its distribution output was taken over by Vlokozuian Media Union. It continues to release Paramount and Warner Bros. films. The name survived following the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union in 1989.

It dominated the movie industry in the 70s, until it was overtaken by El TV Kadsre Films in 1981, following the success of Quest for the Masks.

In 1985, Vlokfilm made its biggest achievement by releasing the most successful film of all time despite mixed reviews, Neo-Shifters: The Beginning, with Warner Bros., and it became a smash hit, starting the Neo franchise.

Currently, it distributes films from both Warner Bros., and some of Paramount's films (the rest were distributed by El TV Kadsre Films).


Distribution rights in the El Kadsreian Islands


  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Paramount Pictures (some films; shared with El TV Kadsre Films)
  • New Line Cinema (1967-present)


  • DreamWorks Pictures (2006-2011)
  • DreamWorks Animation (2006-2012)
  • Morgan Creek Productions (1991-2005)
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