The term Vlokism denotes the policies and the political ideology of Michael Vlokozu as well as the personality cult built around him, his policies and his family.

Presently, Michael's children David Vlokozu and Jarred Vlokozu have taken political strides in El Kadsre, with Jarred's party the El Kadsreian Labour Party controlling much of parliament through a system that was constitutionally drafted by known Michael Vlokozu supporter Andre Kayrlislopvoslky.

The "Ten Points"

The Ten Points of Vlokism are:

  1. Peace and human rights for all
  2. No preference for left or right political groups, movements, or parties
  3. Support of the Queen/King of the Commonwealth and dismissing of the idea of a British Republic
  4. Free supplies for poor people
  5. Dismissing of far-left ideas
  6. Dismissing of far-right ideas
  7. The sharing of support and love for the Vlokozuian Revolution
  8. Retribution will be managed by anybody.
  9. Handling of environmental problems in a way does not involve activism or propaganda.
  10. Love will reach everybody.

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