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Vlokozu is a 2002 El Kadsreian biographical film directed by Sean Quinn and stars Coty Hodges, Jasmine Kospins, and Fido. It was released on Vlokozu Day 2002 by Vlokfilm.

While it was a critical & commercial success (among the acclaim for the film was a "Two Thumbs Up" from Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper), it resulted in the feud between Sean Quinn and Rosco Cook, concerning a parallel productions of this film and Cook's Infaimous Cowerds, which was released 3 months before Vlokozu.

The short What Was Michael Vlokozu Like? played before the film.



Vlokozu family members who make cameos



Home Video

The film was released on DVD on May 14, 2003. A edited version intended for playing in schools was sold through some educational film retailers.