The Vlokozu Union invasion of Faricia was an invasion conducted by the Vlokozu Union government.


Airstrikes (June 3 and 4)

The Vlokozuian air force launched air strikes on the chemical weapons factories in the Marasaweed region.

Bombings in Shareez and other cities and troop deployment (June 5 and 6)

During Friday Prayers at the Shareez Revolutionary Mosque, a remote-controlled Mitsubishi A6M Zero was flown into the mosque by VSAF commander Sir Barney Langlade from a "stealthed" Boeing B-52 Stratofortress flying overhead, causing huge damages and 25 deaths. Hibat, also the Friday Prayer imam of Shareez, survived the attempt on his and others' lives.

Deployment of Destruction 9H and Overthrowing of Government (June 7)

Destruction 9H was deployed after being dropped off by a stealthed transport aircraft near Shareez. Destruction 9H reached Shareez, with Commander Hedworth Oliver at the controls. 9H destroyed the Islamic Republic of Faricia Radio & Television Broadcasting Corporation headquarters, Faryad University's campus (where the Student Followers of Farrugia movement was based), Nakheel Mosque, the city hall, and finally the Palace of Our Farician Supreme Leader. Troops arrived and began raiding the Palace, and Hibat was captured and taken to Abeta. Governor Farid Luay Fakhoury fled by taking a flight to Portugal as soon as news of Destruction 9H's operation began.

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