Vyond Network known as (GoAnimate Network (1962-2018) is a worldwide-free channel. The channel was made by Alvin Hung Sr. in 1962. The channel is viewed publicly except for North Korea, The Pacific Islands, and the Arctic. The network broadcasts many shows and movies that were made by Vyond, including Caillou Gets Grounded. It gained worldwide fame in 1989 with Caillou Gets Grounded, which competed with The Simpsons through it's 30 year run.

List of Grounded Programs that aired in Vyond Network.

The first ever grounded program was made in 1980 called "Eric Gets Grounded" which is a spinoff of the Eric Show, which has been running since 1968 (1967 if you count the pilot).


Semi-Grounded Programs

Not-Related-To-Grounded Programs

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