OCW 2K13 is the inaugural OCW game, the game is about Orthana Championship Wrestling.



Name Overall Status Alignment
Peter Done 92 OCW Champion Face
David Williams 95 OCW Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Face
Nightshift 93 OCW United States Champion Face
Brook Laster 94 OCW Universal Heavyweight Champion Heel
The Robber 79 OCW Tag Team Champion Heel
JM Puck 81 OCW Tag Team Champion Heel
Dr. Life 84 Face
Wigga T. 84 Face
Big Rob 88 Heel
Calamity 90 Face
Mark Dempsey 92 Face
Johnny Blade 91 Face
The Killer Jeffrey 89 Heel
Dope 80 Face


Names Overall Status Alignment
Miniak Rose 91 OCW Women's Champion Face
Eliza Raven 85 Heel
AJ 84 Face
Donna C 82 Heel
Beth 81 Face

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