The WCW Intercontinental Championship is a professional wrestling championship created and promoted by the Magisterian professional wrestling promotion World Championship Wrestling, The current champion is Razor Williams and the longest champion


The WCW Intercontinental Championship was created back on December 3, 1961 revealed by the original owner and the father of Cody Jenkins Jr., Cody Jenkins Sr., it started with a 10-Man Battle Royal, who ever was the last participant in the Ring is the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Harley Cinco was the inaugural champion with a 195 day reign. 34 years later, Razor Williams won the WCW Intercontinental Title with the longest reign of the championship history, with a 180 week reign.

On May 26, 1986, WCW renamed the WCW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship removing the "Heavyweight" in the name

Rivalries on the Title

Razor Williams and Grim The Giant rivalry

On February 28, 2001, Grim The Giant compares himself to Razor Williams on the Intercontinental Title, Grim The Giant has a total of a 64 week/454 day reign while Razor Williams has a total of unbelievably 180 week/1265 day reign, and Razor Williams challenged Grim The Giant for the WCW Intercontinental Championship, on June 6, 2001, Razor won his 8th Intercontinental Title, and the Rivarly discontinued

Grim The Giant vs. Seth Gill

On June 3, 1999, Grim The Giant challenged Seth Gill for the WCW Intercontinental Title, Grim The Giant won the Title but Seth Gill won't stop challenging Grim until He got tired losing to Grim.

Combined reigns

Rank Wrestler No.

of reigns

Combined reigns
1 RazorWilliams 13 5,315 days
2 TGR 3 637 days
3 Keno Patero 4 504 days
Harley Cinco
4 Seth Gill 1 458 days
5 Grim The Giant 399 days
Maskara 385 days
6 Les Miserable 2 358 days
7 Brooke Laser 1 298 days
8 Steve G 1 275 days



Design of the WCW Intercontinental Championship (1990-2005) Made by MN Belts


Design of the WCW Intercontinental Championship (1961-1990)

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