WTHQ-AM (590 AM; branded as 59 WTHQ) is a commercial-free radio station in Buffalo, New York and is affiliated with both Treehouse TV Radio (the same affiliate as WTHQ-TV) and RTEjr Radio. It is owned by THQ Nordic which also owns WTHQ-FM and WTHQ-TV, and it was originally offered a CHR format (under three brandings 59 WMMY, 59 WLJN, and HitRadio 59 WTHQ) until late-1995, and talk (under the branding TalkRadio 59 WTHQ) until 2000 when the ad-free preschool format debuted.

Originally the station, which began broadcasting in 1960, was known as WMMY-AM until 1980 and WLJN-AM until 1994, and it was also owned by Bally/Midway until 1980, LJN until 1988, Acclaim Entertainment until 1992, THQ until early-2013, and Sega until October 31st, 2016.

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