WTOY-TV is a commercial-free television station serving the Memphis, TN area and the Mid-South transmitting on channel 8 with 2 million watts of power since its launch on November 30th, 1965 as a locally-owned independent station known as WMEM-TV, it is owned and operated by Toys R Us since it is located at the Toys R Us store in Memphis, TN. WTOY-TV is affiliated with the Nick Jr channel, Cartoonito, Showtime Family Zone, Starz Kids and Family, and HBO Family. The station also offers local original programming produced exclusively for WTOY-TV featuring sports, entertainment, arts, culture, fashion, and its toys. Since it is owned by Toys R Us, WTOY-TV utilized the Toys R Us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe. Formerly the station was affiliated with HBO until February 2nd, 1999 and Noggin until September 28th, 2009.
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