Wahidur Mahradir (April 17, 1884 - November 18, 1965) was a Chinese-born Barokian Hui Muslim imam who was the 5th president of Barokia.


Wahdiur, one of the Hui people, was born in Dihua, Xinjiang in Qing Dynasty China (now Ürümqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China). During the Xinhai Revolution, he and his family fled to the joint Saudi Arabian-British colony of Barokia.

In 1928, he went to Fitchburg, Massachusetts in the United States to study law at Fitchburg State University. He became the Barokian president in 1947, replacing Dre Shaza LuaLua. He was president until 1959, when Omar Ben Yahia became president.

Wahidur died in 1965 from a heart attack. He was cremated and his ashes are interred in separate locations, one half is at the Presidental Cemetery in Fusid City, Barokia, the other is held on his family's property in Ürümqi, China.

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